What is google AMP page


Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source framework that aims to provide faster-loading mobile web pages. AMP is designed to streamline the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript used on a webpage to reduce page load time and improve overall performance on mobile devices.

AMP pages are lightweight versions of standard web pages, with stripped-down HTML and limited use of JavaScript. They are optimized for fast loading and prioritize content over ads, which can improve user experience and reduce bounce rates.

AMP pages are also cached by Google’s servers, allowing them to be delivered quickly to users when they click on a search result. This caching feature can also improve the visibility of AMP pages in search results, as they are often displayed with a lightning bolt icon to indicate their faster load times.

In summary, Google AMP is a framework that allows publishers to create mobile-optimized web pages that load quickly, have a streamlined design, and prioritize content over ads.